Dear Supporters,


Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue (TPWR) is dedicated to helping Weimaraners in need to find safety, veterinary care, love, and committed adoptive families.  Like many animal rescue groups, TPWR consists of a small team of volunteers, all of whom are driven every day to dedicate their time and resources to helping dogs in need.  Our volunteers all agree that the rewarding experience of this dedication is immeasurable.


While the central focus of animal rescue is to care for animals, there are times when certain individuals feel the need to challenge this focus by drawing attention to their own non-deserving interests.  It is due to such egocentric actions that the reputation and mission of TPWR has recently been scrutinized and questioned in public, driven by one person’s utter obsession with one of the rescue's volunteers.  While witnesses found the accusations made and the stalking that occurred to be not only absurd but outright pathological, a shadow has been cast on the important work our volunteers work so diligently every day to accomplish. 


Despite TPWR’s goal to focus on our work assisting rescue dogs, and while we would not have chosen to make this situation public, many of our supporters and friends have asked us to tell what really happened and to learn the truthful account of the events that led to one person’s public attack and vendetta.


We have decided to honor this request not only because we feel TPWR has the right to tell our side of the story, but more importantly, because the individual responsible for this attack has continued to directly interfere with our rescue work whereby he is endangering dogs that are in need of rescue and care.


Below, we wish to clarify to our supporters and those who doubted our actions the facts that have come into question; attached are two links where you can read Arnold's True Story and Untrue Statements Made About TPWR.   We wish to assure our fans and supporters that TPWR’s focus has remained and will continue to be entirely on assisting dogs in need in the most transparent and responsible way that we know. 


We are deeply disappointed to realize that the actions and statements of disgruntled individuals only lead to shed a negative light on the animal rescue community as a whole and distract from the important work all volunteers involved in rescue dedicate themselves to every single day.  


It is our hope that anyone who will take the time to read these accounts will realize that it is only the community and collaboration of animal rescue volunteers, organizations, and shelter systems together that can and will improve the welfare of animals through their mutual goals and missions.


TPWR wishes not to engage in any public discussion of the events described.


Thank you, 

Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue


Here you may read Arnold's True Story

Here you may read  Untrue Statements Made About TPWR